Where are you located?
Gillespie Corp is located in the Western Massachusetts town of Ware. We create custom elevators, material lifts, and many other design solutions for clients in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and worldwide. See some of our larger projects here.

Do you sell prefabricated elevators and lifts?
Everything we do is custom to meet the individual design challenges of our clients. Nothing we do is prefabricated. From custom elevators to unique wheelchair lifts, every one of our almost 10,000 projects to date is unique in its design and construction.

Do you only make custom elevators?
In addition to custom elevators, Gillespie Corp makes custom lists, custom lifts, custom cranes, jig cranes, ADA compliant elevators, wheelchair lifts, bridal lifts, material cranes, personnel elevators, freight elevators, shipboard elevators, and much more. Learn more about our capabilities here.

Gillespie FAQ's

Do you create custom shallow pit and other space-constrained elevators?
Yes! Shallow pits, pitless, low overheads, and restrictive structural footings are all real-life situations that demand highly customized solutions that Gillespie designs, engineers and manufactures. Our proprietary shallow-pit and minimal-overhead systems allow us to respond with elegantly designed solutions that strictly adhere to all applicable safety codes and regulations. Other challenges such as personal, business, and government applications are exciting requirements to us. Contact us today so we can help you solve your unique design challenges.

Do you do wheelchair accessibility projects?
Yes, custom wheelchair accessibility projects are one of our specialties. Go here to read our case study on the U.S. House Speakers Rostrum.

Do you sell replacement parts for older model Gillespie custom elevators?
Yes, we have records of Gillespie equipment dating back to the 1950s and can often help determine what elevator part you need or what comparable part will do the job. Go here for more information about our elevator parts service.

Could I see some examples of your custom work?
We have successfully completed thousands of custom elevator, lift, and crane projects across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. See a partial list of some of our larger projects here and browse through case studies of some of our accessibility, modernization, elevators, and special application systems here.

Have something else in mind?
Please contact us about your unique requirements.