Who We Are

constructing custom elevatorsconstructing custom elevatorsconstructing custom elevatorsconstructing custom elevatorsconstructing custom elevatorsconstructing custom elevators

At Gillespie Corporation, we expand the limits of what’s possible―sometimes in the most constricted of environments. For over 90 years, we’ve been practicing our craft: the design and construction of custom elevators, material lifts, and cranes.

Nothing about our work is prefabricated; every project we do―and the running total is almost 10,000―is unique in its design and execution. End-clients as diverse as Walt Disney, McDonald Douglas, Neiman Marcus and the Guggenheim Museum—along with their architects and contractors—turn to Gillespie with the most complex challenges. By leveraging innovations like our proprietary shallow-pit and minimal overhead systems, we respond with elegantly designed solutions that strictly adhere to all applicable safety codes and regulations.

constructing custom elevatorsOur inspiration springs from our love of the challenge. We’re driven by a passion to “do what can’t be done”―in ways that are unsurpassed in quality of craftsmanship. Our ideas take form in passenger and freight elevator and material lift applications across commercial and residential markets from Manhattan to Qatar to Mexico City. What’s more, our solutions are so well engineered that many remain operational well over 50 years after installation.

At the end of each day, we feel immensely proud knowing we put everything we’ve got into everything we make. And for us, there’s no greater measure of success.

Learn more about Gillespie Corporation and our custom design and manufacturing of elevators, lifts, and cranes:

 constructing custom elevators           constructing custom elevators