Top 3 Custom Elevator Questions – June 25, 2017

When you’ve been in business since 1923, you tend to answer the same questions multiple times. And that’s okay! We love discussing your projects and helping you find innovative solutions to your design challenges.

Here are the top (3) questions we receive most often, and the answers we’ll typically give. Since no two projects are exactly the same, we always encourage you to contact us to discuss the details of your individual project.

Do you sell replacement parts for older model Gillespie custom elevators?
Yes, we have records of Gillespie equipment dating back to the 1950’s and can often help determine what elevator part you need or what comparable part will do the job. For more information about our elevator parts service, click here.

Do you only make custom elevators?
In addition to custom elevators, Gillespie Corp makes custom lists, custom lifts, custom cranes, jig cranes, ADA compliant elevators, wheelchair lifts, bridal lifts, material cranes, personnel elevators, freight elevators, shipboard elevators, and much more. Learn more about our capabilities here.

Do you sell prefabricated elevators and lifts?
Everything we do is custom to meet the individual design challenges of our clients. Nothing we do is prefabricated. From custom elevators to unique wheelchair lifts, every one of our almost 10,000 projects to date is unique in its design and construction. However, we don’t install elevators – but can easily point you in the direction of great contractors who do!

Have a question or want to discuss a project? Contact us! We’d love to help.