We Love Unique Challenges – October 21, 2016

At Gillespie, we’ve designed and manufactured countless one-of-a-kind projects over the years. We’re always ready to tackle unique challenges―far beyond custom elevators. We welcome opportunities to provide elegant solutions for the most complex, unusual and unforgiving of situations.

Examples of Gillespie one-of-a-kind applications include:

  • Shallow pit (8” – 12”) passenger and freight elevators
  • Unique banquet hall lift (click on video below)
  • Material lifts / VRC’s designed to suit
  • Custom ADA wheelchair lifts difficult situations
  • Sidewalk Elevators (Yes, we still make them!)
  • Automobile and Truck Elevators

See more of what we do here.

one-of-a-kind projects

one-of-a-kind projectsone-of-a-kind projects

Ready to Challenge Us?

Contact us and share what you’re working on. We’ll let you know if we have a solution. If we don’t, we’ll find you someone who does!