Custom Elevators for Challenging Spaces – April 13, 2017

Gillespie designs and manufactures both shallow pit elevators and limited overhead elevators for passengers or freight.

Shallow pit elevators can be used when there are structural issues where a standard elevator pit can’t be provided, situations where there are structural footings in the ground, or when the elevator is located over occupied space. Similarly, our low overhead elevators can be used when an elevator has to be squeezed into a building with a low roof or the elevator is under occupied space.

For shallow pit conditions, we can work with as little as an 8” pit with a variance, or 32” without a variance.

For limited overhead situations, we can go with as little as 8’ 6” of overhead with a variance or 10’ 8” without a variance. By overhead, we mean the distance from the uppermost floor to the lowest obstruction in the hoistway.

We can provide elevators for both conditions as well.

These elevators can be practically any size or capacity. For example, we manufactured a shallow pit (12”) freight elevator for the North Carolina Art Museum in Raleigh with a 10’ by 20’ platform and a capacity of 20,000.

custom shallow pit elevators

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There are over 70 Gillespie Shallow Pit and Limited Overhead elevators around the country, and the demand is growing.