Designing a Bridal Elevator with Flair – February 22, 2017

Villa Barone Manor in Bronx, NY has long been known as a destination for elegant weddings with attention to detail. When they had a vision of newlyweds rising in a large, glass-encased elevator into the center of the dance floor to their awaiting wedding guests, they knew just who to call. The trouble with an elevator ascending into the middle of a dance floor is that the floor needed to maintain its beautiful appearance, while also keeping the elevator’s presence completely inconspicuous.

Gillespie Corporation designed a truly unique special application elevator that preserves the dance floor footprint. The elevator rises just above the dance floor and contains a revolving turntable, so the glowing couple can be seen at all angles. Our one-of-a-kind design makes for the perfect wedding entrance!

For more details, read the project case study here.

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